5 Best reasons to go for Glass Table Top

  1. Durable:

Most of the time, the glass used for table top are tempered glass as they are far stronger than annealed glass. Even when exposed to a direct hit on the top surface, they tend to make it through. But in case of this happening over a table top surface it may ruin its straight top surface and destroy the overall appearance itself.

  1. Protects Underneath Table:

Usually tables which are made of wooden or metal are usually given smooth finished. Top surface which can be prone to damage that are caused with time. Such as water spills, kitchenware scratches, food spills to name a few. All this will make the table top ruin its looks and make it rot faster. But in case of having a glass table top mounted over the table surface. It will not only protect the tables surface but will preserve the smooth finishing underneath it.

  1. Doesn’t run out of Trend

Like most of the materials that require a change with time to make it stay in modern trend but with glass, there is no such requirement. This is because glass is always a part of the modern timing.

  1. Fancy Look at a reasonable Price

Another great reason to opt for a table top glass is that the glass itself adds beauty into your home interior. The reflective surface will simply brighten up the room by reflecting the brightness within the room.

  1. Low Maintenance:

Glass are simple and they barely require any special substance to keep it clean. In simple words, a slight damped cloth will do the job and still look impeccable. On the other hand, if the table is left without a glass top it should lead to wears and tears which will eventually leave stain marks on the glass itself.

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