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Pool Fencing Glass Partitions
Most of the time, owning a swimming pool is all about the view. And when it comes to installing a fence, the first thought that will cross once mind is ruining the view with an additional barrier. But glass is the perfect epitome for added more fanciness into it the pool itself. The glass used for the installation of are usually clear as well as crystal clear glass. But they can also be made into opaque with sandblasting feature.
We usually install toughen & tempered glass that has much larger thickness while comparing to standard glass used for ordinary partitions, making them much safer than any other kind of fencings. Its also great to keep a toddler away from the water when there is no adult supervision.
At Dubai Glass Partition, we have features such as framed & concealed. The concealed option can be opted when a client likes no space between the floor and the glass itself. By the looks of a concealed pool fencing, it may as if it’s installed right on top of the floor. But in reality, the glass is safety secured beneath the floor level to give it the exactly required stability. On the other hand for framed pool fencing, the glass will be installed on top of some additional fittings. These fitting will be of high grade quality to withstand any effect of corrosion & rust that can possibly be caused by daily water usage.