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patio sliding door in dubai

At times, opening a Patio Door to access the backyard turns out to be a huge exercise rather than just simply sliding the door and walking out. This can be due to various reasons, it could be a very simply issue with the sliding wheels or a large issue whose solution is only by replacing the whole unit.

An alternative solution for the issue can only be provided by doing a physical inspection. The most possible issues with most of the sliding doors can be as follows:

  • Sliding Wheel Issues:

Even if you have spent thousands and thousands on the while door, but have opt to install low / cheap quality Sliding Wheels with the thought that it’s just a tiny part which will not even appear outside. And this is where you are wrong. Despite being a very small part, it plays a major role in helping with the movement of the door. In reality it’s the bottom wheels that is literally holding the weight of the whole glass panel. If this wheel is of low quality and is not strong enough to hold the entire weight, with time it gets easily worn out, this is where the problem with sliding started. And eventually the wheel breaks.

  • Worn out Tracks:

Sliding track is on what on which the glass panels run on. One sign to identify this issue is when you put an effort to open the doors a cracking sound is all that’s heard. The possible solutions for this actually depends on the extent of the damage. In case, if the tracks are not damaged to an extreme level then, it can simply be straighten up by professionals. But if it’s completely worn out to an extent of no fixing. We will only have to replace the whole tracks.

  • Misalignment of Mechanism:

This is when the damage extend is so much that once the doors are closed the lock doesn’t fall into place. Instantly creating threat to your security at home. The only possible way to look this door is by lifting the door at a certain angle and then forcefully locking it.

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