Shower Glass Partitions

Any simple standard bathroom can be transformed into a fancy bathroom by simply installation a shower enclosure. Similarly, shower enclosures glass partition can be categorized depending on where they are to be installed. And with what kind of door is required. Shower enclosure can even be installed. The corner shower area which can either be a simple tiles shower area or else with a shower tray.

We at Dubai Glass Partition deal with Bathtub as well as Standing Shower Enclosure UAE. Both of these areas can be installed with Swing and Sliding door shower enclosure as per client requirement. In other words, all kind of detailed specification is making the shower enclosure concealed or framed. The standardly used accessories for shower enclosure are made of Stainless Steel & in Mirror Finishing.

Corner Shower Glass

But this can also be altered to match each of our client’s requirement. Such as with powder coating of the accessories and installation of Aluminum Channels. We also have corner double sliding shower enclosures which comes with two sliding doors. This shower enclosure, usually gives a very fancy look for any shower area.

Therefore, mostly preferred reason to install this kind of shower enclosure is when there is not sufficient place for the opening and closing of a swing door. Making it difficult even for the easy entrance of a single person.