We are one of the most reputed company in Dubai for Glass and Aluminium Works; such as aluminum glass windows & doors. In other words, aluminum works are required for apartments or villas exterior. At such instance the aluminum profile is incorporated with glass known as sandwich panel or else it could also be a solid aluminum door.

aluminium Works

A widespread misconception of aluminum is that they can be manufactured only in a single color and cannot be changed to suit a person taste. This is totally wrong. Just like any other decorative material. Glass and aluminum can also be powder coated into various color ranges. White being the natural color of aluminum makes it a great base for other powdering colors to stick on

On comparison with PVC, aluminum profile are much more durable and long lasting. Previously PVC was commonly used for exterior profile work such as Balcony Sliding Door or Window which gave least durability. In addition, totally customized glass & Aluminum company can manufacture. And install aluminum glass partition profiled along with glass of any specific dimension.

Solid aluminum doors are largely preferred for warehouse where a full solid door will do more good than any other glass door. These solid aluminum doors can be of standard profile or heavy duty profile which is determined by the client themselves.