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    1. Are all these Glass readymade and can I receive it immediately on order?

    Each and every order that we receive are always categorized into customized glass work. This is because we have large glass sheets which we cut into customized size as per each client requirement.

    2. Can I get an quote on a remote basic?

    Yes, that’s totally possible. We can give you an estimated quotation just upon an clear image of the site for most of the requirement or just an rough measurements will also be sufficient.

    Do you do only installation if I buy a readymade shower enclosure or shower door?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide only fixing services. Almost every work we do includes both manufacturing and installation from our side. The main reason we stick to this because, we provide unique profile and can take liability over it for quality and durability. But this cannot be given when the installed product is not ours.

    4. What kind of warranty can you provide for your installation?

    We mainly have two categories of materials and accessories for our installation. The first is with high quality services which comes with warranty work and the other is quality work for which we do not have give any warranty. We also provide warranty certificate for high quality installations.

    5. Do you also have colored mirrors for gyms?

    Yes, apart from any silver mirror we also have colored mirrors such as gray, golden, brown and black to name a few. All of these mirrors can be customized to match client’s unique requirement.

    6. How can I get a quote for Pool Glass Fencing?

    Like any other estimation, we can provide a rough estimation with size and upon selecting the option you would like to install with.

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