Custom Mirror Works, Bathroom Mirrors, Wall Mirrors, Gym Mirrors, Custom Mirror and Decorative Mirrors in Dubai

Frameless and Framed Mirrors

Any home isn’t complete without Mirrors. Mirrors play a vital purpose in home decoration. We at Dubai Glass Partitions also deal with custom sized mirrors for apartment & gyms. Mostly dealing with high quality Belgium Mirrors as well as Guardian Mirrors. We can install custom sized mirrors such as Gym Mirrors, Vanity Counter Mirrors, and Wall Mirrors to name a few.

We can install mirrors with either framed or frameless as per our client demand. These Mirrors can also be installed directly on the wall with high quality pasting material, this kind of installation is usually done at gyms when they have strong concrete base. These Gym and Wall mirror can also be of custom sized which means we can manufacture and install Custom Mirror Works until the height of ceiling which is also known full height mirrors. These mirrors can be with edge polish or even be with Chamfered Edges. Beveled or Chamfered Edges mirrors fall into the category of Decorative mirrors.

We do install mirrors with MDF Backing at rare occasion when demanded by our client. The main reason on opting to install MDF Backing is to protect the interior wall. At such cases, the Custom Mirror Works itself will be pasted on a MDF sheet and then this sheet will be installed on the wall with simple screws, thus saving the interior wall.

We also deal with mirrors with LED Lighting backing. The color of this LED Lighting can also be customized and can be selected by our client to match their home interior.