Tempered Glass For Table Tops

Currently glass for Table Top Delivery is becoming widely common. We at Dubai Glass Partition, are dealing with glass of various thickness and colors for table top. Glass thickness can range from 6mm to 12mm and even larger; if the client demands so and we only use tempered glass as they are much safer than annealed glass.table top glass in dubai

Table top glass are best option, when thinking of protecting the table from any water spill or scratches. In case of wooden table, any warm or cold material on top of it could leave mark on the wooden table and the removal of this, will be an expensive process. A quick solution to avoid all these are by simply installing glass table top.

Tinted or even colored glass can be used for Table Top Delivery. Despite the shape of table, a table top glass can be created for it too. Most of the time, the color and thickness of the glass are selected under different criteria at the same time, clients can also select it randomly. For instance, a client may opt to select green tinted glass for their garden table, it can match their backyard.

Table top Glass can be installed even on any simple flat surfaces, which can be used as an alternative table to place objects. We also install Silicon dots between the glass and the table to make sure, they is stability between both.