Long life for Mirrors, Possible? Wall Mirrors

Its human nature to expect durability from each stuff despite the pricing tag it comes in. Likewise, despite knowing the fact that mirrors can be fragile when mishandled, we even long for it to provide us durability, well it’s not something like it’s totally impossible. It is possible for a mirror to be long durable when handled and used with care.

  • Micro Fiber cloths:

Even through an ordinary towel and tissue may look like a good option to clean Wall Mirrors, in reality they are not! They leave behind minute scratches which with time will start ruining the reflective area of the mirror. There are these special cloths known as Micro Fiber cloths which are specially designed to protect any polish surface from external scratches while cleaning or wiping.

  • Careful on the Edges:

If a mirror is installed as frameless which eventually let the edges be exposed. In case of very frequent contact with direct water splashes the edge may tend to de-silver. Even heavy humidity may send us resulting in the same outcomes. Hence making sure the edges are safe will do so much better to your mirror’s durability.

  • Avoid Detergent & Strong Chemicals:

On an overall view detergent consist of tiny particles they are activated when comes in direct contact with water. These particles can be rough on a mirror surface. So, the better option is to go with any soft surfaced.

  • Clean and Dry up the Edges:

If accidentally there are water splashes on the mirror edges, make sure you dry it as quick as possible. As a long-term effect, this could lead to de-silvering of the mirrors and destroy the mirror in a matter of years. Wall Mirrors

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