Why Prefer a Unique Profile Rather than Readymade?

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Glass Most of the times, when you’re looking forward to install a Shower enclosure or a shower screen, we also look into the options of the most affordable once. Rather than looking into durability. There are plenty of reasons why a readymade profile is cheaper than a professional company’s unique profile.

The main reason a professional company charges you more than an store brought readymade material has plenty of reasons, like these listed below:

  • Client relation

Professional companies run on their reputation and customer relations. For instance, a company which wishes to have a long relation with their client will only think about giving excellent quality work. So that they will have a strong relation with their client and will have the chance of being referred around too.

  • No compromise in Work Quality

This is a very simple concept. If poor work quality, no good client relations, no referrals and finally no business. Professional companies fear even losing a single customer. Let it be a tiny work or even a big project. For them every single client matter. In case of giving a terrible quality work, they can be hold in responsible for it.

But with readymade, store brought materials. No one can he held responsible for the materials.

  • Warranty Works :

Most of the companies tend to give warranty for their work as a written proof. Even if a very small hinges or a lock replacement. Companies will give a minimum of 6 Months warranty for it.

But with readymade materials, they will claim it to a warranty material just by their words and once the client goes to them to address the issue. The store will sarcastically reply “You will have to check the manufacture”.

  • Professional Installation :

When a professional company is hired to do this job, they mostly do it with supply and installation. Which means they are also responsible for any damages that will be caused to your property during the installation procedures.

But when you hire you cousin or son in law to do the job. They will definitely ruin your property and may also damage the brand new Shower enclosure / Shower Screen material.

One of the major drawback of a readymade profile is the quality. As these materials are produced in bulk quantity at a time and are not under gone through any procedures to make sure they are up to the standards in terms of quality and durability. The main issues that will arise will be the rust problem. Rust issues doesn’t simply mean ruin of your bathroom interior, but it also means that its health hazard. Even if you get a single scratch by this rotting metal on your body, it could lead to serious swelling and infections. Contact us on +971-56-2566935 for professional & quality services.

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