Top 10 Benefits of a Customized Glass & Mirrors

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Benefits of a Customized Glass & Mirrors

  1. Uniqueness:

Even though you would get multiple readymade mirrors, they are all just the same by looks and size. But with customized mirror uniqueness can be achieved.

  1. Any Size:

For instance you have an vanity counter which requires a mirror that is exact to the width of the vanity counter itself, but once you look into the readymade options you will be barely able to find any as of your requirement. But with customization, mirrors of any dimension can be manufactured and installed.

  1. Sandblast Patten & Designed Edges:

Sometime, when you walk into a store and a mirror instantly catches you attention. But you feel it will look so much better if it has some kind of designed edge such as beveled or chamfered Edge. This can also be only attained through customization. Likewise, only with customization unique sandblast patterns can be done on mirror.

  1. Back Lighting Option:

Even if you find the dream mirror you were looking for at a readymade shop & the thought of it with LED Back Lighting may add a much more elegant look, which is not possible at a readymade store. As the purchased collection is all they have, but with customized company. LED Strips can be made into any custom sized mirror option.

  1. Gym Mirrors:

No readymade mirror will be an exact match for an entire gym wall. Let’s say the wall that a socket cutout is required on the mirror to be installed on a specific wall. In such cases, no readymade mirror will get the job done perfectly. Only an entirely customized mirror will be fit enough to be suitable as a gym mirror. Which can be of jumbo size or even a miniature version.

  1. Colored Mirrors:

When a mirror is store brought, most of the time the option you will get is only plain silver mirror. But with customization, mirror can be of any color let it Golden, Brown, Black you name it, customization will make it possible.

  1. Antique Mirrors:

Antique mirrors are another kind of different mirror which tend to look like an old mirror. But this kind of mirror also looks very appealing to few as per their taste. Antique mirrors are also available in readymade stores with framed option. But they cannot customize it to a cover a whole Glass & Mirrors.

  1. Comes with Installation:

Most of the time when you contact a glass contractor for the service of glass and mirror they give you pricing along with installation, unless requested otherwise without installation. But it’s always best to get the services with installation as mirror are fragile and can shatter when mishandled more over can lead to very serious injuries.

  1. Framed or Frameless option:

Along with customized mirror comes customized framing option. That is one can simply opt for the Glass & Mirrors to be installed either with frame or the option of going frameless too. And these frames can also be customized to match your home or office interior.

  1. Helps you preserve your walls:

For instance a tenant of an apartment or villa would really love to install a mirror on the wall to brighten up their home. But the landlord will think otherwise, this is because most of the readymade mirror only have the option of an adhesive backing, which has to be pasted directly on to the wall. This can lead to serious damaged on the wall while trying to uninstall it. Such as damaged wall paint, designed décor of the wall will also be ruined. But all this can be prevented in a customized mirror. Such as the mirror can be installed on top of an MDF, which will act as a backing and this sheet can be simply drilled down into the wall. Only leave 4 holes behind instead of ruining the whole wall itself.

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