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As a leading service providers for glass and mirror works, Dubai Glass Partition has expanded the value in the market. We do shower glass installation, mirror installation, aluminum and other maintenance work also. If you want a glass table top for your home definitely you can get it from us with very good quality glass.

For table top glasses, usually we are using 6 mm thickness glass. But if the client need it to be with any thickness we do it as the required service. We suggest everyone to have tempered glass because it can’t be break so easily. When we compare tempered glass with annealed glass annealed glass can be broken easily and when it breaks it will be with large cracks and pieces. So annealed glass we can say it is danger. The only reason people prefer annealed glass is that it is cheaper than tempered glass. Annealed glass doesn’t cost as much as tempered glass.

Having Table Top Glass is very beneficial. We can clean it very easily and maintenance also not hard.

Not only at home, for your office interior also you can use glass top for making the space more aesthetic and stylish. In the modern world, glass is the most accepted thing by all.

All over Dubai, we can deliver the glass top. There are options like square, round, rectangle and also the glass will be with edge polished.

When you are using a glass table top, you will realize how good this to have is. Actually people prefer glass table top because it adds a standard look to the space and give a classy look.

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